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Anti Wrinkle Treatments


These are neurotoxins (a toxin that acts on nerves) produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. There are 7 different types known, 3 of which are used to treat wrinkles. A purified form of the toxin can be injected into muscles to stop them working. They were first identified in 1895 and used for cosmetic purposes in 1992.

Wrinkles and lines (furrows) are caused by the movement or contraction of muscles. Anti –wrinkle injections are commonly used to treat frown lines and crow’s feet. Other areas are also treated for specific effect. These medications can also be used to treat excess sweating, headaches and anal problems.

Different muscles in the face contract to produce facial expressions. Repeated use of the muscles may create wrinkles and lines. Anti-wrinkle injections stop muscle contraction and prevent the creation of wrinkles. The neurotoxin in the anti-wrinkle injection blocks the release of a chemical (acetylcholine) from the end of the nerve preventing it from reaching the muscle. The muscle is temporarily paralysed until the body removes the anti-wrinkle injection and the muscle can move again.

Anti wrinkle injections start working by 3 days and on average are maximal by day 7 but may take 14 days. The average duration of effect is 3 months (ranging from 2-4 months). The larger the dose used the longer it will last and the more relaxation that is seen.

Usually every 2-3 months. This will depend on the dose injected and the desired effect.

Minimal. Most clients can return to their usual activities immediately. Bruising is uncommon however medications such as NSAIDs and fish oil should be stopped 7-10 days before the procedure.

Anti-wrinkle injections are drugs.They can only be prescribed by a doctor. There are various contraindications that must be identified before injection is undertaken. A thorough understanding of the facial muscle anatomy, complex vascular system, complications and how to manage such complications is mandatory for any injector. Not all areas of the face and not all people are good candidates for anti-wrinkle injections. At Le Sands Clinic we pride ourselves on safe practice and excellent results. Dr Saliba has over 10 years experience in the use of anti-wrinkle injections at an advanced level. Dr Saliba will assess you in person, ensure there are no contraindications in your medical history and advise the best course of action to achieve your goals. Dr Saliba will perform the injections herself and deal with any issues that may arise. Contact the clinic for an initial free consultation with one of our skin care experts. Call 02 9567 0399 or email us

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