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Dr Saliba’s Vision For Our Clinic

Dr Lucia Saliba is a Senior Consultant Breast and General Surgeon who believes in both surgical as well as aesthetic wellness and excellence. Dr Saliba’s vision for Le Sands Clinic was to create a luxurious, beautiful, safe, and welcoming environment designed to improve, revive and enhance all aspects of appearance and health. Dr Saliba was initially inspired by her patients recovering from breast cancer treatment who requested holistic methods to help them regain their vitality and appearance. “Your Next Phase” was born from an understanding that we all progress through different phases in our lives and we often require assistance and support to achieve our best vision of ourselves. Le Sands Clinic provides the highest standards in aesthetic medical facilities. Cosmetic surgery consultations and cosmetic injections, signature skin care and laser vein and tattoo removal are expertly performed. Modern technologies are intelligently combined with exclusivity, luxury and effective, lasting and safe personalised care to help you achieve the best vision of yourself for “Your Next Phase” in your life. Read More



Tattoo Regret

Tattoos fade, or done in the heat of the moment, or during that “forever’ relationship. Whatever your story, we can safely, and efficiently remove your unwanted tattoo and help you move to YOUR NEXT PHASE.


Unwanted / Excess Hair

Male and female hair removal treatments available


Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can have many causes, but often, the outcomes can be confidence sapping, or even worse. Le Sands Clinic have a team of experts that will understand your unique condition and recommend the course of treatment that will address your individual needs.


Anti Ageing and Facial Rejuvenation

Ageing affects us all! We can’t escape it. Looking your best means feeling your best. Whether that’s for returning to work, or that next career progression, or even to dazzle the world, we have a team of experts that have a range of treatments that will delight you and those around you.


Breast Health and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Lucia Saliba is an Australian trained and accredited Surgeon specialising in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery (Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery) and General Surgery. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of surgeons. She is committed to excellence in Breast care. She is a passionate advocate of holistic care, which considers the psychological, environmental, spiritual and physical needs of a patient.


Why Us

The vision of Le Sands Clinic encompasses all aspects of beauty, balance and harmony. A multi-disciplinary team approach is employed to formulate personalised treatment plans for each individual client. This considered and thoughtful approach is the hallmark of Le Sands Clinic. Our team is headed by Dr Saliba who is involved with and oversees every treatment. Safety is the paramount consideration at Le Sands Clinic and for this reason Dr Saliba performs all injections and invasive procedures. Our aim is to deliver effective, long-lasting treatments and take you through to “Your Next Phase” safely and discretely.

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Laser Genesis At Le Sands Clinic

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Slim Drone At Le Sands Clinic

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OMNILUX At Le Sands Clinic

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