Meso Infusion

Meso infusion at LSC

We’ve invested in some amazing new technology which will revolutionise your skin care program and allow us to concentrate on your treatment plan for maximum results

The Meso Infusion system gives deep access to the various layers of your skin then, when using our Skeyndor treatment packs, treats various skin and body conditions giving ultimate results. Meso Infusion maximises the capacity for cellular penetration and the effectiveness of the active ingredients applied.

Activates collagen synthesis

Fills expression lines and wrinkles from lack of body

Firms and tones the tissues

Improves the skin’s vitality and tautness

Favours the rehydration of the skin

Gives brightness, unifies the colour of the skin and lightens dark spots

Remodels rebellious cellulitis and localised fat deposits

Skeyndor Meso Infusion System

Skeyndor Meso Infusion Equipment

Meso Infusion is a technology that uses a “virtual needle” and has four components designed to achieve great results:

Activation is a technique used to stimulate circulation and improve tissue trophism and hydration.

Hydrophoresis is a technique that uses pulsing current in order to increase the penetration of active ionic agents inside the tissues. Facilitates penetration of the Mesoconcentrates

Electroporation: uses electrical currents to create electromagnetic waves that increase the permeability of the cellular membrane and create “temporary and reversible pores” to make it easier for the active ingredients to enter. Increases the cellular absorption of the Mesoconcentrates.

Cryotherapy: Cryogenic technique with a toning and firming action. Favours vasoconstriction and decongestion of the tissues so that the active ingredients maintain their activity for longer.

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Meso Science at LSC