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Laser Treatments


Laser beams are attracted to the colour of the tattoo ink. Different wavelengths or sizes of laser beams are attracted to different colours. The beams can be delivered at different speeds. There are many lasers available on the market that can remove tattoo ink. Some are better at it than others. Le Sands has acquired new and effective laser technology to remove tattoos.

CUTERA Enlighten (available at Le Sands Clinic) delivers very fast and short laser pulses into the skin. These laser pulses cause the ink particles to expand and shatter into tiny particles of ink. The particles of ink are then cleaned up and removed from the body by the lymphatic system therefore removing the ink and fading the tattoo further with each treatment session.

With this technology we are able to treat all tattoos of any age including fresh ones, any colour, and intensity of ink, and any depth in the skin.

With this technology we are able to treat any skin type and tone.

This technology allows us to remove your tattoo in 40% less sessions than traditional laser tattoo removal. The number of sessions required depends on the colour, quantity, quality, and depth of placement of the tattoo ink in the skin as well as the age of the tattoo and the  individual response of each client. The number of sessions ranges between 3 up to 10. The sessions are generally 6 weeks apart. This allows the body to remove the ink so far treated and to heal.

Unfortunately tattoo removal can be painful. At Le Sands Clinic measures are taken to minimise this discomfort. Topical anaesthetic is routinely used. The treatments however are quick.

Generally there is no downtime. Clients are advised regarding the correct care of the treated area to minimise complications such as scarring and speed up healing. Sunscreen should be worn on the treated area to protect new skin.

Removal of tattoos is a very common request. Tattoos vary in quality of ink, substances used for ink, density and colour. A thorough assessment of the tattoo (and the owner!) is essential to ensure that the safest individualised treatment programme is created for each client as no two tattoos are identical. Le Sands Clinic has acquired laser technology to clear tattoos effectively, efficiently and safely. Contact the clinic for an initial free consultation with one of our skin care experts. We look forward to seeing you move on to the next phase of your life, projecting the image you want, without the constant reminder of your past in ink! Call 02 9567 0399 or email us

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