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Scars are something we all have from birth our very first scar is our umbilical scar aka our naval. Throughout our lives we end up with many more scars, some of which are more visible than others. Some heal a lot better than others.
Before treating any scar we need to know what has caused the scar and fresh scars need to heal first before been treated. Depending on the type of scar there are several treatments that can help minimise the appearance.

Hypetrophic scars have over-produced collagen and appear raised they occur around 4 to 8 weeks following a wound.

Keloid scarring can be caused by the following: surgery; accidents; acne; body piercings (in some cases), whilst their appearance is “unsightly” due to the masses of collagen they are harmless but can be itchy or in some individuals painful. They are more common on the shoulders and chest.

Atrophic scars are sunken looking or have a pitted appearance due to the loss of fat or muscle in that area. This is also known as acne scarring they can also be caused by chickenpox, spider bites or accidents or genetic connective tissue disorder.

Stretch marks aka striae scarring are very common in a lot of people and mainly woman (especially after pregnancy) the main cause is sudden weight loss or through growth spurts or when skin is under tension during the healing process.

Scarring can be caused by surgery, or from even simple accidents. Regardless of what caused the scar all scars have a healing process. Our body automatically repairs the area after the injury has taken place. Once the wound has completely healed, scar tissue is formed. Depending on what type of scar it is this may take months or years, in many cases years later the scar can barely be seen.

But what about those scars that are still visible……. Scars that appear more visible than others have a different composition even though scar tissue is made up of collagen but there is a lack of elasticity in the area. Also if someone is a smoker it will affect the healing process of the scar and also take longer to heal.

The founder of Le Sands Clinic, Dr Saliba, is also a surgeon who is familiar with surgical scars as well as general scars and will only offer the best treatments such as Medical Grade Peels; Laser and CIT/Skin Needling.

It is important that the cause of your scarring is understood in detail before any treatment plan can commence. We highly recommend booking an initial consultation with Dr Saliba by calling us on 02 9567 0399 or email us

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