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Jowls are the bulging of fat and soft tissue along the jaw line. It is associated with marionette lines from the lower corners of the mouth and laxity and bulging in the upper neck areas, the lower part of the face and jaw line appears square.

Ageing, loss of volume, laxity of the skin and descent of fat and soft tissue causes the bulging along the jaw line. Marionette lines form from the corner of the mouth giving the appearance that the lower third of the face is falling down and forward.

Treatment options available vary depending on the level of laxity and looseness of the skin. In addition to treatments available for sagging skin, skin tightening technology may help to improve the appearance of the jaw line and delay or eliminate the need for surgery.

The causes of sagging skin are multiple. A thorough assessment of the underlying causes and medical history is essential before the best individualised treatment plan can be formulated. An assessment of your goals is vital to achieving the results that you desire. There is definitely no single approach that will fit everyone. At Le Sands Clinic we pride ourselves on providing a thorough assessment and appropriate safe plan to help you reach your goals and long lasting solutions. Contact the clinic for an initial free consultation with one of our skin care experts. Call 02 9567 0399 or email us

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