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Dark Circles around the Eyes


This refers to dark areas of pigmentation involving the upper and lower eyes lids and around the eye. The appearance of dark circles can give the impression of tiredness and many find this condition distressing.

The cause of dark circles is not well understoodand many factors are thought to contribute to their appearance. Genetic factors, ageing, dehydration and insufficient rest are implicated in the cause. The skin under the eye is thin and blood vessels in this area are closer to the surface and easier to see causing a pigmented or darkened appearance. Loss of supportive fat in this area is also linked to the appearance of these circles.

This is a delicate area and does not respond well to harsh treatments. Inappropriate treatments may dry the skin further and make the problem worse.

The appearance can be improved by simple camouflage with make-up.

Adequate rest and sleep and hydration will also improve the appearance if these are lacking. Sunscreen and avoidance of sun exposure are important.

Treatments available include:

This is a difficult problem to treat. The correct and most effective treatment depends on identifying the underlying cause. This requires a full assessment of the problem including heath and lifestyle factors. The team at Le Sands Clinic are skilled in the assessment and management of skin pigmentation and dark circles around the eye. Allow us to design an individualised programme to help you achieve your goal of clear skin and vibrant eyes into the future.Contact the clinic for an initial free consultation with one of our skin care experts. Call 02 9567 0399 or email us

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