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Excessive or unwanted hair is a condition which can affect women and cause distress or embarrassment. The condition is known as Hirsutism, or the over growth of dark and course hair.

Hirtusim is caused by many factors, and will be different for different people. It can be caused hormonal changes, medication, certain medical conditions, and higher levels of testosterone.

The hair growth cycle describes the 3 stages of hair growth. These are Anagen, catagen, and Telogen. The Anagen stage is the initial growth stage, and can last up to 6 years, but this depends upon each individual and genetics. The Catagen stage is an intermediate stage and lasts up to 4 weeks. During this time, the hair follicle changes and tries to renew itself. The final stage, the Telogen stage, is the dormant stage of growth, and precedes shedding and the possible growth of new hair.

The most effective method of treating excessive hair growth is that of Laser Treatment.

An assessment of the excessive hair is essential to ensure that the safest individualised treatment programme is created for each client, as no two hair removal needs are the same. Le Sands Clinic has acquired laser technology to remove excess hair effectively and efficiently. Contact the clinic for an initial free consultation with one of our experts. We look forward to seeing you move on to the next phase of your life, projecting the image you want. Call 02 9567 0399 or email us

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