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Breast Health


Dr Saliba has a strong and special interest in breast health and breast surgery. She offers a comprehensive medical treatment for those experiencing breast cancers or requiring cosmetic breast surgery–from consultation, to surgery and post-surgery. This can include breast reconstruction and symmetry breast surgery in conjunction with breast cancer surgery as well as cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, breast lift/mastopexy, breast symmetry and breast reduction.

Maintaining breast health awareness is critical for every woman to keep breasts healthy and avoid many breast problems and keep a positive self image.

There are many healthy lifestyle choices you can make that will improve your general health and will also benefit your breasts. These include:

  • Being active and/or exercising regularly;
  • Eating a variety of low-fat, high-fibre and whole grain foods;
  • Eating lots of dark green, orange and red vegetables and fruits daily;
  • Eating foods daily that are high in phytoestrogens (plant estrogens or isoflavones), such as soy, lentils and grains. These foods have been linked, in some studies, to breast cancer prevention;
  • Not smoking;
  • Limiting the amount of alcohol you drink; and
  • Limiting the caffeine you drink or eat – coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and some other soft drinks may contain relatively high amounts of caffeine and sugar.

In addition to these lifestyle choices, get to know what your breasts feel like so that you’ll know what is normal for you and will recognise any changes that happen.Good breast health starts with good routine care.

Mammograms are recommended every 2 to 3 years for women aged between 50 and 69, who are considered average risk.

The goal of Dr Saliba and her team is to provide a complete service for patients that takes into account their ongoing breast health as well as the related emotional stress due to the complex physical and psychological nature of any subsequent surgery. We understand women’s needs and that feeling good is strongly influenced about how we look – not just about our health.

As a female specialist Breast Surgeon, Dr Lucia Saliba understands the need of nurturing, caring and providing understanding to patients who are in a difficult and uncomfortable position in their lives. Her approach to ensuring holistic end to end care for her patients means a patient is able to stay with her from oncological (cancer) surgery, through to re-construction. Her strong professional connections and networks also means she is able to refer to other specialists when the need arises.

If you have any concerns about the health of your breasts, or would like to discuss your breast appearance, or have other concerns stemming from your breasts, please contact us on 1300 255 185 and make an initial appointment with Dr Saliba. Please note, this consultation is $250 for the initial consultation and part covered by Medicare.

Breast Health and Care At Le Sands Clinic

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Breast Health and Care At Le Sands Clinic

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