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The size, shape and symmetry of lips is often considered to be an important factor in a person’s attractiveness. Many studies for instance have tried to quantify what makes up the most attractive lips (see for instance Kar et al, 2018 Physical attractiveness also can determine the way we feel, how confident we are, an how we portray ourselves to others. In defining the ideal lips, we at Le Sands Clinic believe you have to have an excellent understanding of human anatomy, and facial structure especially. You also need to have an exquisite eye for detail, in attaining what many believe are ideal lips, such as the balance and symmetry of the lips, and how this relates to the individual’s facial features. We believe that there is not a single approach that should be taken to lip beauty, as each individual is different physically as well as mentally.

Lip concerns can vary from asymmetry, to lack of fullness, or balance of the lips. Different races will also view lips differently, and in determining what makes the perfect lips.

Lip fillers are used in order to reshape, plump out, or make more fuller lips and generally this is done by the use of an injection with a very fine needle, of an injectable substance of a gel made from complex sugars which are naturally occurring in the body.

Lip fillers are invasive procedures and should only be performed by medically qualified people. All of lip treatments are performed personally by Dr Saliba. Your Next phase, which could involve lip treatment should be to call us on 02 9567 0399 or email us to book your initial consultation with Dr Saliba.

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