The Le Sands Clinic Team

Dr Lucia Saliba



Dr Lucia Saliba Bsc(Med), MBBS FRACS

Founder and CEO of Le Sands Clinic

An Australian trained and accredited Surgeon specialising in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery (Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery) and General Surgery. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of surgeons.

Dr Saliba is committed to excellence in surgery and providing holistic care to patients. Holistic care considers the psychological, environmental, spiritual and physical needs of a patient to maximise their outcomes and quality of life. Dr Lucia Saliba is proud of her role in treating, nurturing and caring for patients who are in a difficult and challenging time in their life.Dr Saliba has an understanding that we all progress through different phases throughout our lives. This may be a transition from illness to health, from child bearing and nurturing to a return to the work force, climbing the career or corporate ladder or into an enjoyable socially active retirement. At every phase we are entitled to feel confident. A healthy and attractive appearance will contribute to our overall confidence and wellbeing. “Your Next Phase’ a concept developed by Dr Saliba recognises these life transitions and provides a frame work to help achieve the goals of confidence, vitality and beauty.

Dr Saliba founded Le Sands Clinic in 2016 to bring the vision of “Your Next Phase” and a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine and skin rejuvenation to life. Dr Saliba is knowledgeable in skin conditions, trained in laser and light therapies and is a certified and trained injector of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers, and collagen stimulating treatments. She has a strong interest in anti-ageing and facial sculpting with a keen eye for beauty, balance and harmony. Dr Saliba is obsessed with providing treatments which are effective, long lasting, beautiful and above all safe. Your health and safety is the most important consideration.


Dermal Therapist and Laser Treatment Specialist

Emily is a qualified dermal skin and laser treatment specialist who has been with the team since 2017 and has been perfecting her skills in the industry for over 6 years. She started her career working for one of Australia’s leading cosmetic clinics in a fast paced environment.  with a specialist laser treatment facility, where she gained extensive knowledge and experience working with a diverse clientele. Emily has treated a variety of skin types and conditions, using advanced medical grade technologies and with this, wanted to expand her career in a more medical environment, working with a highly respected and recognised surgeon, Dr Saliba. Emily is passionate about ensuring that her clients receive the most suitable treatments for their individual needs, but also in giving treatments to the highest of quality care.  Emily is a highly valued member of the team bringing with her the care and compassion which is a trademark of the treatments that we provide at Le Sands Clinic.


Dermal Therapist

Sumur is our newest dermal therapist who provides her expertise, life experience and passion to Le Sands Clinic.  Sumur has come to us after years of providing care to the elderly in the community. She provides a caring, compassionate and genuinely kind service. Sumur has a keen eye for beauty, balance and style. Her treatments will provide you with a complete understanding of your journey and she will educate you in what other steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Sumur is skilled in advanced facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal. Sumur is our resident “agony aunt” and her advice is truly inspirational, insightful and comforting.

Max Saliba



Chief Happiness Officer

Max Saliba was originally employed by Le Sands Clinic as Head of Security; however, it soon became apparent that Max was not suited to security work, being only 6 inches tall and a ball of friendly white fluff. Rather than managing Max out of the business, it quickly became apparent that he had some unbelievable skills and that his real skillset lay in his ability to make people very happy and forget their daily stresses. Max was then promoted to Chief Happiness Officer, and he now fulfils all of his KPIs excellently, never missing any of his targets. Max likes walkies, so long as they are not longer than 50 meters. After that, he needs picking up and carrying back to the clinic. Max enjoys playing with toy squirrels, and rough and tumble – although, he doesn’t often win the tug of war, he still enjoys it immensely as there are life lessons to be learned.  Max is rewarded for his efforts as Chief Happiness Officer with chicken, and for his KPI bonuses, lots of cake! Max possesses a wisdom seldom seen and he will be sharing this shortly (no pun intended) in the Le Sands Clinic blog.

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