Our Clinic

Le Sands Clinic, located in beautiful Brighton Le Sands was created In 2016. Dr Saliba has assembled a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of experts in areas of skin management, laser and light technologies, facial sculpting, anti-ageing and breast health. Each member of the team is passionate and committed to delivering effective, safe and long-lasting treatments to help our clients enter the Next Phase of their life confident they are their best self.

Why Us

The vision of Le Sands Clinic encompasses all aspects of beauty, balance and harmony. A multi-disciplinary team approach is employed to formulate personalised treatment plans for each individual client. This considered and thoughtful approach is the hallmark of Le Sands Clinic. Our team is headed by Dr Saliba who is involved with and oversees every treatment. Safety is the paramount consideration at Le Sands Clinic and for this reason Dr Saliba performs all injections and invasive procedures. Our aim is to deliver effective, long-lasting treatments and take you through to “Your Next Phase” safely and discretely.

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