Date: 10th December 2021

Applicable Date: To be levied for all appointments from 1st January 2022


Missed or cancelled treatment appointments happen from time to time. Such appointments mean that appointment slots are often not available for other clients if not cancelled far enough in advance. Equally, this policy should be fair and equitable to our clients, and any penalties should be avoidable should cancellation be made within a fair time from the appointment.

Missed / Cancelled Appointments Policy

  • All appointments booked, without exception, shall attract a redeemable booking fee. This fee is redeemable against a client invoice dollar for dollar.
  • There should be an acceptable cancellation period where a booking fee is released and placed on file toward another appointment to be made in the future.
  • A booking fee is considered forfeited should an appointment be:
    • missed or is a no show without prior notification
    • cancelled within less than 48 hours of the appointment time
  • For some treatments, for instance, Sculptra, where costs are incurred by Le Sands Clinic in preparation of the treatment or where goods are to be bought in advance of the treatment and where we do not hold stock, we will ask for a booking fee to cover the costs of that pre preparation. This is not refundable should the appointment be missed, or cancelled within 48 hours where an alternate appointment cannot be made within the expected life of the prepared goods or we are unable to return the bought in goods to our supplier for full refund.
    • In the case our returned goods can be refunded on return, but for a penalty ourselves, we will levy a booking fee equivalent to the penalty that we are charged, plus an administration fee of $100
    • Even where we are due a full refund, we may charge you an administration fee of $100 in order to arrange this
  • The booking fee shall be levied at $100 for each appointment except where pre preparation or specialist goods have to be bought by Le Sands Clinic in advance and we don’t normally hold those goods in stock.
  • Le Sands Clinic will remind you at least 48 hours before your appointment by SMS as a reminder to you of your appointment.
  • Where a booking fee is forfeited, this cannot be used against a future appointment and a new booking fee requested for that new appointment
  • Where you have booked a series of treatments, via a package for instance, all packages should be paid for in advance. Should you not arrive for one of your appointments, we will add a booking fee of $100 to your file and ask you to pay this on your next appointment and before your treatments can recommence.

Online Bookings

  • Where you have booked your appointment online via our online booking system, we will call you within 24 hours of you making the booking and collect your booking fee via phone in order to confirm your appointment.
  • Standard forfeit terms apply for online bookings booking fees should cancellation within 48 hours occur or you do not show up for your appointment.