Max’s Christmas 2021 Blog

Max’s Christmas 2021 Blog

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art” – Stansilav Jerzy Lec.

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and Max’s Christmas Blog is here! Time waits for no man, or in my case, Chief Happiness Officer. I am now officially a senior dog. How can that be? It is true, I am living a very rich and full life, but I am also blessed with being surrounded by my personal human servants who cater for my every whim. I mean, senior dogs cannot have any stress in their lives can they? It seems like 5 minutes ago when I was burning the candle at both ends, and my adventures with Sid the Sausage dog and Bessie.. ah Bessie….

Max’s Big Nights Out And Two Day’s Recovery

Nowadays, a big night for me means 2 recovery days! How did that happen? Having said that, I am not alone in needing extended recovery periods. My mum recently went to a Christmas party and my word.. let’s just say she needed those two days also to recover from the Margheritas that were flowing that night. If only Nan and Pop knew she had a penchant for Margheritas – best left unsaid I think.

One thing that hasn’t changed for me since I was a mere pup, is my dislike of thunderstorms. I do have a great coping strategy now though, and the gap between the two lounges make a great storm haven. Which reminds me, my nan and pop had the audacity to leave me alone in my humble abode the other day when a storm struck. I tried to remain brave, but my botty burps probably would have given the game away if anyone else was at home. Ewwww, storm induced botty burps are not the most pleasant! Anyway, they arrived back home after about an hour and I just had to tell them off for leaving me alone. I made my thoughts very clear that I was not impressed and each got a personal dressing down from me. They got it!

Max Is Now A Senior Dog

Now, where was I…? Ah yes, my senior dog status… see, my memory does let me down now and again – it’s an occupational hazard I guess. One thing I have noticed recently, is my skin is not as plump and supple as it once was. Yes, I still love my tummy rubs, but something’s changed. It’s not as elastic as it once was, but my mum did tell me that she can help with this. She has some amazing treatments given by her wonderful team, and incidentally, my other human servants, at Le Sands Clinic. They can do wonders for ageing skin, and have told me they have a range of wonderful skin boosters that will help me. I mean, as Chief Happiness Officer, I have to look my total best at ALL times. I have a confession to make – and please don’t tell everyone. Although I am a vitally important member of my mum’s team, and provide great happiness to my many adoring fans, I haven’t been into work for ages. I mean, I was busy at the start of the year, then lockdown came, and now… I need to spend time just being seriously cute for my nan and pop! Which reminds, me, with the Summer holidays coming, I think I need to see my personal hair stylist too. I mean, if I sneeze, my hair just drops over my eyes and I can’t see a thing. It is so annoying. Besides, the absolute panic induced with me sneezing, from those around me, and thinking I have Omicron is pretty embarrassing. Also, with the with the Summer heat, I definitely don’t need the equivalent of 3 winter jumpers on and looking 4 times my normal size with all that fluffy white stuff. Life can be tough sometimes!

How Can Over Eating Be A Thing?

As we head into the season of over eating and drinking – pffft.. how can you ever over eat I ask you? Oh yes, as we head into that season, don’t forget to hydrate well, drinking plenty of water, and make sure you apply sun block and limit direct exposure to the sun.. I wouldn’t want you to get burnt and not be able to pamper me now would I?

Merry Christmas and A Happy New year to all of you, my adoring fans and happiness lovers. I hope you’ve enjoyed Max’s Christmas Blog 2021

Love to you, my adoring humans

MAX xx

Who is injecting fillers into you? Why you should be very wary

Who is injecting fillers into you? Why you should be very wary

We are proud of the appearance treatments that we provide. We are also proud of our luxurious clinic facilities. Even more proud though, are the safety and back up of the medical facilities and skills available within the clinic. This is particularly important when it comes to invasive procedures, such as lip and dermal fillers, facial sculpting and PRP. Do you know who is injecting fillers into you?

Who is injecting fillers into you - be wary

We’ve all seen the headlines recently in the ABC and other news outlets. Calls for greater regulation in administering cosmetic injections, along with the need to improve facilities. The team at Le Sands Clinic are wholly supportive of tighter regulations, and we’ll detail why below. When it comes to injectables, be aware, not all practitioners or establishments are equal.

The scourge of cheap treatments

In many respects, the use of cosmetic injectables has, and rightly so, become more mainstream recently. At Le Sands Clinic, we provide a number of enhancing and sculpting procedures along with PRP treatments for our clients. Dr Saliba, is a senior consultant breast surgeon, and highly qualified injection practitioner. Think about this, we’ve been fed a diet of thinking that injections should be cheap. We strongly advise that whoever you use, do your research and that price should not be your only consideration.

An understanding of facial anatomy will differentiate who is injecting fillers into you

Facial Anatomy

With many potential pitfalls, an in depth knowledge of facial anatomy is essential in order to reduce the risk of adverse effects or outcomes, some of which could be life changing, such as blindness. One question to ask your practitioner is – how familiar are you with facial anatomy? Behind your skin are a myriad of blood vessels, muscles, bone and other structures. Your practitioner should understand and visualise these before any injection. Recently, a lady suffered enlarged lips and considerable swelling, due to the practitioner injecting filler into an blood vessel. A potential lethal mistake. I believe that:

” it is imperative that whoever is injecting you intimately understand facial anatomy. They understand and can visualise, where each of your vital organs, vessels and structures are before starting treatment. They should understand balance and symmetry in the face. The effect of treating one area on how that influences shape and symmetry of other areas of the face.”

When wanting the cheapest treatment, think about the words above. Think about the skills and qualifications you should be insisting upon – you want the best. The best is not the cheapest.

Medical Equipment

Another aspect of safety, is the level of medical equipment and skills available should something go wrong. This is rare, however, reactions can occur. The body can disagree with the substance, and let’s face it, serious, unconnected medical episodes can occur at any time. Does your establishment have defibrillation equipment on hand? Or qualified medical doctors on site at the time you are having your injections? Many businesses do not. They rely on a Skype or other system of doctor consultations. Skype is not going to help you should you run into difficulties in the clinic

Does your injectable clinic have defibrillators on site?

Also, what other equipment is available in your clinic? At Le Sands Clinic, we have a range of life monitoring equipment. Our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. We also only ever have myself, (Dr Saliba) perform any invasive procedures. I must repeat, medical episodes are extremely rare. However, because they can happen, we feel all injectable clinics should be suitably skilled and properly equipped.

We believe anyone wanting fillers or sculpting should be very careful who they have perform these treatments. The ability to provide artistry to the process, the safety equipment on site is paramount. Also important is having a medical doctor on site, with the right equipment available should something go wrong. Having filler injections can provide so many benefits to our clients, but is not without risk. Why would you go for cheap, when you should really be going for the best and safest.

Dr Lucia Saliba Master of Surgery (Breast Cancer)

Dr Lucia Saliba is the founder and CEO of Le Sands Clinic in Brighton Le Sands, NSW. She is a senior consultant breast and general surgeon. A graduate of UNSW medical school, and Master of Surgery (Breast Cancer) bestowed on her from University of Sydney

Your Next Phase: Oozing Confidence, and Impressing Your New Boss And Clients

There is an old saying, that when you start a new job, or return to work after raising a family, that you should “dress to impress”. Indeed, the way you dress says so much about you. It can convey your meaning, your style, or how approachable you are. It can convey the way you want to be treated in the workplace. This article from Forbes explains this well.

Your next phase

But being your best, feeling your best, and feeling confident has more to it than meets the eye. It can be the clothes you wear, or style you portray. Returning to work is a prime example of this. Radiating confidence is the key to creating an impression. An impression with your new work colleagues, your bosses, clients or other key people. How many times have you been in a professional setting, maybe a product launch, or a networking meeting, and someone walks into a room that just oozes confidence, radiates an aura, and people are drawn to them naturally. Your personal brand is so important in this day and age. What is your personal brand? Do you ooze that confidence when walking into a meeting, networking event, or meeting clients?

Your next phase is about to start. How successful will your next phase be? That’ll be down to you, your skills, and your personal capabilities. Think about this: someone’s impression of you takes only around 4 seconds to be made up. Think about that, 4 seconds, or the time it takes to read this sentence, could either make or break you. No pressure there then! Now also think about this, the times when you are most confident, what is it that helps create this confidence?

Your personal brand

When starting your next phase, we believe that your best phase is about your personal brand, the style you convey, and how great you look, inside and out, male or female. Whilst we can’t help style you, we will help with your inner you. when your skin is glowing and radiant, your facial lines tight, and purposeful, your breakouts under control, and any skin damage repaired, then you will be oozing confidence.

We believe that inner confidence can be enhanced through how you look, how you feel, and how ready to meet the world you are.

Looking Great, Feeling Great

Your next phase is about not only looking great, but also feeling great. Inner greatness will be achieved through the treatment of external and cosmetic conditions. Conditions such as sun damage, excess hair, or ill advised tattoos. Over the next few weeks, we’re creating a series of articles about some of the people we’ve helped, their inspiring stories, and the successes they’ve had as part of their journey to their next phase. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do and are inspired to be reach your best phase.

When contemplating your next phase, a phase involving returning to work, or moving up the corporate ladder remember this. Personal success is not only desirable, but a must have. That personal success will be as a result of a number of factors, confidence and appearance being just two of them, but highly important ones.

Dr Lucia Saliba Master of Surgery (Breast cancer)

Dr Lucia Saliba Bsc(Med), MBBS FRACS is the founder of Le Sands Clinic, and renowned breast cancer and reconstruction surgeon with deep belief in people achieving their next phase in life, whatever that may be. Physical health blended with aesthetics contributes to an holistic passion for people achieving their next phase.